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PickYouPic is bringing to Prayagraj an illuminating Advance Photography Workshop by none other than Ansuhman Singh himself. Coming back to his hometown Ansuhman Singh has decided to mingle with the photographers and distribute his knowledge of basics and advance photography techniques with a lot of industry trends.

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5 Days Advance Workshop

Sometimes, the simplest photos are the hardest ones to take. How do you take an impeccable portrait of a loved-one or of a friend on the spot, and only with the help of Studio lighting? How do you end up with an expressive and successful portrait.

It is essential to take the environment into consideration when composing a portrait. Managing the background's colours and graphics, choosing the point of view, directing the model - these are all points that will be covered during the course.

Light control is an equally important aspect; in particular, analysing a given moment's light and using it wisely are elements that will be explained to help you make a successful portrait.

With more than 03 classes to choose from, you’ll learn everything from how to make your subject feel comfortable to how to craft creative lighting setups for studio shoots.

This workshop will teach you:

  • How to observe the environment so as to guide your aesthetic choices: point of view, directing a model

  • How to "read" light and place your subject accordingly

  • How to correctly define parameters in your camera according to your desired result

  • How to frame and compose an image to highlight the subject

  • Techniques for controlling light in a small studio


Anshuman Singh

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He believes that growing the art is contingent on sharing knowledge. He has conducted more than 80 workshops, reaching an estimated 600+ students, fans, and professionals across India.

For more than 10 years, Anshuman Singh has been a professional photographer. In addition to taking pictures, Ansuhman Singh is a teacher who explains difficult subjects in a simple and effective manner. We can see his dedication to educating people about photography in his recent classes.


How do I register?

Click the enroll button given up. Make your payment. You can give us a call after the payment has been made and confirm the transaction ID with the person in-charge and you are all set.

How do I pay?
You can go to our website for payment options which are Bank Transfer, Pay On Venue or via Paytm to transfer the payment on the given number but make sure to transfer minimal amount at first to check if the payment is being received to the intended person.

Do I have to bring my own camera?
We would love it if you can bring your camera lenses and laptops as  it would be of benefit to you if you practice on your own equipment. Easier to learn and better sharpen your skills.

How many participants do you have in one batch?
We stick to a small group of participants so there is ample learning opportunity for all and the mentor can devote time to each. In this workshop there is limited 10 seats in total.

Will Anshuman take all the sessions?
Yes, all 5 sessions will be taken by Anshuman along with his support team.

What are the timings?
Timings of the workshop is from 9am to 2pm each day. However we recommend you to arrive 30 mins earlier for formalities and other discussions.

Will be given certificate for participation?
Yes, you will be given a certificate of participation in the workshop.

I am just a beginner, can I enroll?
Yes, if you have atleast got your exposure triangle done, you can enroll in this workshop for learning more advance techniques.

Still have questions? Ask here

Ask us anything you'd like to, about the workshop or just say Hi
You can also call/whatsapp at +9163942 37652

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