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10 Best Marriage Photoshoot Ideas To Make Your Wedding Album More Interesting

A wedding is a day when you enter a new phase of life. It is filled with excitement, fun, nervousness and a whole lot of memories. And Indian weddings take all these things up a notch higher! We have grand venues, night long rituals and of course gorgeous lehenga and sherwani for bride and groom respectively.

Such moments are worthy of being alive via your wedding album. You are not getting married every day but you definitely want to cherish the memories for a lifetime. For that, you need the best wedding photographer and some portrait ideas that would make your wedding album even more interesting.

So here we are recommending the 10 best marriage photoshoot ideas to make this interesting day even more memorable for you:

1. Gentle Embrace

A photograph of you and your partner locked in each other's arms on a romantic backdrop is a must for a wedding album. Hugs can be gentle where the bride puts her arms around the groom's shoulders and the groom wraps his arms on the bride's waist while they both are looking at the camera. Or the camera could focus on the bride's face gently resting on the groom's shoulder. Best wedding photographers in Allahabad also use their surroundings to bring out the emotions in this pose.

2. Quirky Poses

This one is a recent trend getting quite popular amongst about-to-be wed couples. If you are a Bollywood buff and love quirky ideas, you could use props like a scooter or a rickshaw for a fun wedding photoshoot. "Bride driving the rickshaw and groom sitting at the back" photo would be a hilarious addition to the wedding album. You can get the rickshaw and scooter decorated in bright shades like red, yellow, pink, etc to make the photos even more colourful. Decorating props with flowers seems to be the new fad these days which you should definitely consider.

3. Black & White Stills

Who doesn't love the era of the 70s when black & white movies were made and romance was much simpler? It was the time when Raj Kapoor sang "Pyaar Hua Ikraar Hua" for Nargis and made every couple wish for chemistry like them. Black & White portraits provide the same innocence and charm as your wedding photos. You can use props to recreate scenes of some old iconic movies with your partner. Remember that black & whole portraits need special editing. So hire one of the best wedding photographers in Allahabad who could skillfully do that.

4. Candids Of Rituals

Indian wedding rituals are so beautiful and enticing! They organically create a lot of lovely moments between the bride and groom which, if captured correctly at the right time and right angle, will look marvellous on a wedding album. Whether it is the moment when the groom is putting sindoor on the bride's maang, couples taking pheras, or taking wedding vows with their hands clasped together: all of these ooze love and give a "made for each other" vibe on camera. PickYouPic, a wedding photographer in Prayagraj, understands the importance of such moments and converts all these rituals into beautiful portraits for your wedding album.

5. Pampering The Bride

These are the classic and most cherished wedding portraits that every bride desires to have in her wedding album. Here the groom woos the bride with various romantic gestures like carrying her in his arms to the varmala stage, holding her veil from behind, fixing her mangalsutra and whatnot. These photos will show how much you and your partner are into each other.

6. Role Reversal Pictures

We have all seen the groom guiding the bride for a twirl, leading the way for the dance, or bending his knee for the proposal. But isn't it the 21st century? Why must men always lead the way? They deserve to be pampered too. So break the stereotype and do all of these for your partner and let the wedding photographer capture these moments on the lens. These portraits will not only surprise your man but also make your wedding album unique and fun.

7. Repeat The Proposal

Yeah, we know you already did a proposal moment in the engagement photoshoot. However, who's stopping you from repeating it at the wedding too? One proposal moment isn't enough, to be honest! You deserve another one in the lehenga as well! If you and your partner are up for it, plan a proposal moment for a wedding album with your photographer. It could be scheduled right before varmala or before the pheras. Best wedding photographers in Allahabad also consider proposals at weddings an interesting idea for mesmerizing portraits.

8. Mehendi Pose

Mehendi is an important ritual in Indian weddings. Its deep colour signifies love and bond between to-be-wed couples. And you did bear hours of torture involving no use of hands to put it on! So don't shy away from showing it off on the wedding albums. Mehendi poses give a traditional touch to portraits. Plus those intricate designs in the colour of henna look gorgeous on camera. Figure out some Mehendi poses with your photographer and get them clicked on your wedding day when you are all dolled up in lehenga.

9. Bridal Entry Poses

Bridal entry is the bride's moment to shine. When she walks down the aisle, all eyes are on her and her only. So naturally, the camera should capture this moment of utter bliss. You can be entering the stage dancing to a peppy tune or hand in hand with your parents. All these bridal entry ideas can be transformed into beautiful wedding portraits when done by the best wedding photographers in Allahabad.

Looking for more interesting bridal entry ideas, click this link.

10. Rocking The Dance Floor

How can an Indian wedding be complete without a rocking dance floor! Some of the happiest moments of this very memorable day happen on the stage set for shaking a leg. Your wedding photographer can use this opportunity to click some ecstatic candids. You can also get pictures of dancing to a slow song with your partner or doing the barati dance with your siblings. Performing a rehearsed dance routine with your friends and cousins has also been a thing at the current weddings.

Now you know all about the trending wedding photography poses that will make your album interesting and exotic. Just remember to discuss any idea that comes across in your mind with the wedding photographer. And voila, you are all ready to shine bright in those gorgeous pictures!

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