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12 Perfect Poses For Beautiful Bridal Portraits

Updated: Apr 9, 2022

Bridal portraits are classic, beautiful and must-haves for wedding albums. Well of course you will get a lot of candids throughout the wedding rituals. But are they enough to justify your extra dramatic lehenga and makeup? You definitely need some shots solely focusing on how gorgeous you look and what you feel on D-day.

Looking for ideas on how to get perfect bridal portraits? Worry not, you have landed at the right place! Here we are recommending perfect poses for beautiful bridal portraits:

1. Royal Pose

All brides feel like a queen dressed up in lehenga with all the heavy jewellery. That's why poised and calm royal poses are perfect for bridal portraits. Enter into the opulence of timeless portraits captured to showcase all your emotions right before the rituals start.

2. Black & White Portraits

Black & white stills not just look sophisticated and subtle but they also add a layer of serenity to the whole picture. Best wedding photographers in Allahabad know how beautifully every intricate detail of the bride's lehenga and makeup stands out in these monotonous pictures. Hence they recommend clicking a few such shots for the wedding album. Some ideas could include close up shots of jewellery, you staring at the blank, holding the veil down, etc. The more you explore, the more you will realize the beauty of these black and white pictures.

3. Twirling Brides

What's the point of wearing that flaring heavy lehenga if you don't get some twirling shots? And honestly, your wedding album would be a little bland without a cliche twirling pose. These can be clicked anytime whether it is broad daylight when the sun is in full glory or starry night when everything is calm and serene. You can get solo twirling shots, twirling with your friends or with the groom. There are many options to get the quintessential twirling shot clicked perfectly.

4. Jewellery Close-ups

Jewelleries influence almost half of how you will look in the whole wedding outfit. And when you are dolled up in the most regal jewellery sets on this big day, they deserve to be shown off. So get some close-up shots that capture their beauty for your wedding album. Glimmering jewellery pictures never go out of style for bridal portraits.

5. Bride In A Veil

The veil plays a very important role in Indian wedding outfits. The whole ensemble of brides is incomplete without a gorgeously decorated veil. So you shouldn't miss the opportunity to click the classic bride-in-a-veil shot. And the best part is that this shot looks beautiful in all colours of the veil, whether it is a creamy white dupatta or a netted red veil. When clicked by the best wedding photographers of Allahabad, the bride-in-a-veil shot makes the bride look like a delicate princess in a fairytale.

6. Devouring The Food

Indians and their love for food are very well known across cultures. Especially at weddings, the sheer variety of cuisines and their deliciousness is mouth-watering, to say the least. So why not get some pictures reflecting your love for food. These "food over everything" themed bridal portraits look adorable on camera. Let the baarat and dulha wait while you are getting captured relishing your favourite dish! Plus you get the opportunity to show off the amazing food prepared at your wedding.

7. Bridal Entry Portraits

Bridal portraits are incomplete without a few shots of you walking down the aisle. Whether you go for the usual floral shade entry or hatake entry by riding on horseback, don't forget to instruct your photographer to capture this magical moment. Check out this link for more bridal entry ideas.

8. Sassy Pose

Being a shy bride has been a thing for too long! Time to ditch that facade and show your real sassy self on camera. Get captured doing your favourite things such as riding a bike in lehenga, enjoying a cup of coffee or reading a book while waiting for barat, pouting in full bridal makeup, wearing shoes with lehenga or shorts with choli and dupatta. There are tons of such bridal portraits ideas for inspiration that you can ask wedding photographers in Allahabad to click on.

9. Bride In The Bathtub Shoot

Wear that Lehenga, put on your sexy shoes and get captured in some badass shots in the bathtub. This unusual quirky bridal portrait idea is for brides who aren't afraid to take bold decisions and go an extra mile to click that perfect shot. If you fit in this category too, then enter into the bridezilla mode and ask your wedding photographer to click some shots of you chilling wearing a lehenga in the bathtub.

10. Haldi Ceremony

The haldi function is as important as the main wedding itself. Also, this is the day when you have the most fun too with your siblings and besties. So make your wedding photographer get some shots of you enjoying the haldi ceremony for the wedding album. Think about how lovely your portraits will look with your friends and siblings playfully applying haldi on you. Or you can keep it classy and sophisticated with some artistic shots. The Haldi ceremony will give you plenty of moments that are worth capturing. So hire the best wedding photographer in Allahabad who not only clicks pictures on the wedding day but also other functions like Haldi.

11. Mehendi Ceremony

Another ceremony as important as haldi in Indian weddings is mehendi. And it deserves to be on the wedding album. So doll up and get ready for a few aesthetic shots of you enjoying all the attention on mehendi day. Mehendi designs themselves are beautiful. Hence naturally they will look mesmerizing on camera if captured correctly. You can try different dramatic and dreamy poses to showcase your mehendi from all angles in its full glory.

12. With Bridesmaids

Your sisters and besties stood by you throughout the wedding preparations. They helped you pick the lehenga, get you ready on time, and ran for a last-minute shopping spree and whatnot. And that's why they deserve a special place on your wedding album. Best wedding photographers in Prayagraj recommend getting a few clicks that represent your bond with your sisters. These could be emotional moments or fun poses or both, the choice is yours!

And that's a wrap! Now you know about all types of bridal portraits, from cliche to quirky ones! So, sort out the best ones and share them with your wedding photographer to get some beautiful shots for your wedding album.


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