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10 Tips On How To Choose The Best Location For Pre-Wedding Shoot In Allahabad

Pre-wedding shoots are as important as the other festivities of the wedding. They are the best way to showcase your love story to the world through the wedding album. However choosing a location for them can be a pretty big task especially in a non-metro city like Allahabad. Are you struggling to find a spot for your pre-wedding shoot too? Well then this blog is for you!

Here we are listing 10 tips on how to find the best location for your pre-wedding shoot in Allahabad:

1. Remember Your Love Story

The best way to choose a location for your

is by considering your love story and the places attached to it such as the place where you both met for the first time, the location of your first date, the spot where your or your partner made the proposal.

You can select any such location that holds a special place in your heart. If you consider all these places for your pre-wedding shoot then this will make your whole wedding album look authentic and mesmerizing.

2. Decide the Theme:

While choosing the location for your pre-wedding photoshoot in Allahabad, decide the theme. Your chosen spots and the theme should be in harmony with each other. Therefore, decide on the theme before choosing the location. And then based on the theme, find the location in Allahabad for the shoot.

The theme is crucial as it helps the pre-wedding shoot photographer to understand what type of camera lenses and other equipment are required. It is also helpful for the photographer to decide on props, if required, to blend with the nature and grandiose of the surroundings. If you decide to shoot near or at the Ganga ghat in Allahabad then you can use props such as diyas, flowers, etc.

3. Be Mindful of the Weather

While choosing the location for your pre-wedding shoot, do not overlook the weather condition on the shoot day. It can affect the photoshoot in so many ways. Hence, always check the weather before it ruins your pre-wedding shoot. You don’t want to get wet in a storm during the shoot unless you want to get your pre-wedding shoot done in the rain.

4. Think About Your Budget

A wedding function itself is a costly affair and a pre-wedding photoshoot will require extra money. Your budget affects your location. Suppose you want to choose a luxurious resort or hotel for your pre-wedding photoshoot then this might affect your pocket. Therefore, always consider your budget before choosing a location.

Consider following points if you are confused regarding setting your budget for the pre-wedding shoot:

● Expenses for the location

● Charge of the photographer

● Travel expenses, if any, for the photographer and his team

● Cost of the props that you want to use in the shoot.

Once you are clear about these points, you can move forward towards setting the budget.

5. Timing Is Crucial:

The time of your photoshoot is very important and can make a huge difference in your pictures. Most of the venues and places in Allahabad have a designated time period when the photographs can be clicked in the best possible way. At some locations, sunset view or dusk timing is best for the shoot, whereas, at some places sunrise or dawn is the best time for the photoshoot.

6. Is it Off-Season or Peak Season:

In the peak season of weddings, you may find it difficult to come across a place which is not crowded and has no disturbance. If you choose to shoot in the off-season, you can easily find such good locations for your pre-wedding shoot where there are no disturbances.

Make sure your chosen location is not swamped with lots of people during the shoot. If you are not sure about the season then you can take the help from the best photographer in Allahabad for a pre-wedding shoot.

7. Your Personality Matters a Lot:

You and your partner may not be of the same personality and nature. You might be an outgoing person and your partner loves to stay indoors. Therefore, while choosing the location keep in mind the traits of your personality. Choose a location where you and your partner feel comfortable.

If the location is in sync with your and your partner’s personality then the outcome will surely be best. If you go against your personality, ease and comfort will not be there, and disappointment will be reflected in the pictures.

8. Visit the Location Before Your Photo Shoot:

Do not decide the location and venues on the basis of pictures you see on the internet. The place may look beautiful in pictures but it can actually turn out to be not so mesmerizing. Thus, you must visit the location before selecting it as your pre-wedding shoot location. This ensures that it is right for you.

Once you have a look at the site beforehand, you will be able to know whether it is in harmony with your chosen theme or not. Along with this, it helps you to know other important information such as charges of the photoshoot, if any, on that particular location, permits required, the best timings for the shoot, and so on.

9. Ask Your Photographer:

If you can not decide on the location for your pre-wedding shoot yourself then you can ask your photographer. He/she is an expert and possesses knowledge about various places and locations for the best pre-wedding photoshoot.

You can tell him/her about your desired theme and style so that you can get choices based on your taste and preference. You can also ask your family and friends for suggestions. Make a list of all the suggested locations and then decide with your partner the best location of your pre-wedding photoshoot.

10. Your Style and Mood:

Some couples prefer traditional touch in their pre-wedding photoshoot and some prefer contemporary feel. You can decide the location on the basis of your style and mood. For example, if you want to have a luxurious and majestic photoshoot then you can choose forts or palaces.

You can choose heritage buildings in Allahabad if you want stunning architecture in your shoot, and for an offbeat shoot, you can go to the nearby street.

Now you know how to choose the best location for a pre-wedding shoot in Allahabad. So put your research cap on, make the list of all potential places and pick the right one for you and your partner.


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