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14 Unique Ideas For The Best Pre-wedding Photoshoot In Allahabad

Pre-wedding photoshoots are an integral part of the wedding. What started as a fad has now become a tradition! And there's a perfectly good reason for it. Your wedding is going to happen only once. So why not collect as many memories as possible that you can cherish later!

Every millennial aspires to click a few cute, romantic and dreamy pictures before their wedding. If you too are a newly engaged couple stressing over how to do a pre-wedding photoshoot in Allahabad, then you landed at the right place.

Here we are recommending the 14 best pre-wedding photoshoot ideas for couples in Allahabad:

1. Cute and Mushy Pictures

Tell the world how much you love each other with adorably romantic pictures. All you need is to strike some poses with a little peck on the cheek or twirl in the arms of your partner! It will make your wedding album look like a romantic movie.

2. Quirky Poses

Pre-wedding shoot doesn't have to be all about perfect poses and immaculate expressions. You and your partner can play around the lens and get some quirky fun shots too. Plan a prank, joke around and let the fun energy take over on the shoot day. If you hire the best photographer in Allahabad for a pre-wedding shoot, like PickYouPic, they will better guide you on how to create a quirky wedding album.

3. The "Elegance" Route

Are you one of those couples who prefer dapper suits and elegant gowns over quirky/basic outfits? If the answer is yes, then let your wedding album speak for your taste. Put on your suits, throw in some flowers and open the wine bottle! Create a dreamy date night set up for your pre-wedding shoot with the help of your partner and photographer.

4. Dance It Out

Dancing poses might sound cliché but they give life to pre-wedding albums. This is the time to show off moves and strike some poses with your partner. Discuss with your pre-wedding photographer how this could be composed into a more innovative and lively experience on camera. And make sure your partner is comfortable with it.

5. Rainy Season Theme

Do you love dancing in the rain? Does earthly smell drive you crazy? Then why not recreate the essence of a rainy season for your pre-wedding album. This would be a very interesting theme for couples who love rain and everything else about the rainy season from chai pakode to paper boats. Best photographers in Allahabad for pre-wedding shoots know how to make it rain in photographs even in non-rainy seasons through professional-level editing.

6. Trickster Shots

These are the carefully edited pictures. They trick others into believing that people in photographs are doing supernatural stuff like walking on the river or flying in the sky. Such types of shots are must-haves in wedding albums. However, they require some serious creativity and editing skills that only the best of the best photographers in Allahabad for pre-wedding shoots have. So discuss in advance before hiring someone for the job.

7. Colour Coordination

You might have heard of colour-coordinating outfits with your partner. Why not take things up a notch and colour coordinate with the surrounding? Yup you heard that right! Consult with your photographer regarding what colours contrast best with the shot location. For example, yellow, blue and green look marvellous together. Similarly red stands out in a lush green forest.

8. Serene Silhouettes and Black & White Pictures

One can never go wrong with classy black and white shots and golden silhouettes! They add depth to your pictures and give your wedding album a serene calming energy. These pictures have a unique charm. That's why most of the would-be brides and grooms are getting them, especially for the pre-wedding shoot in Allahabad, a city that has perfect spots for clicking such pictures like Sangam and Chandra Shekhar Azad Park.

9. Underwater Magic

This is a new trend gaining popularity at lightning speed because of how magical the results look. At the same time, it is not that easy to carry out as you need to hold your breath underwater for a minute or two. However, your photographer can play around with edits and make the stills look like they are shot underwater. It would be better to discuss the possible alternatives and potential hazards before jumping into any unknown territory.

10. Props Usage

Props enhance the beauty of the whole picture if used right. They can also be used as symbolism to showcase what type of bonding you and your partner have. Lanterns, diyas, placards, vintage lamps, coffee mugs, etc are some of the popular props used for pre-wedding shoots in Allahabad these days.

11. Aerial Shots

Top views or aerial shots at different backgrounds will give an aesthetic touch to your wedding album. These are like flat lay photographs but with a wide-eye view. Location will be the main hero of the photo in these pictures. So choose them wisely!

12. Royal Photoshoots

Who doesn't want to feel like a royal on their wedding day? And nothing speaks royalty louder than old monuments, historical buildings and royal havelis. There are plenty of such places in Allahabad where you can shoot your pre-wedding album like Old Fort, Khusro Bagh, Anand Bhavan and more. Just put on the traditional outfit, decide the place and let your pre-wedding shoot photographer do his magic trick.

13. Festival Celebration

The best part about Indian traditions is the colourful festivals. Imagine how magnificent your wedding album will look with you playing colours or lighting a diya with your partner! Best photographers in Allahabad for pre-wedding photoshoots also suggest recreating a hold still or Diwali vibe in shots.

14. Colours And Smoke Bombs

Pre-wedding photoshoot done with smoke bomb add a heavenly aura to the album. You can play around with colours like pink, white or yellow to make them look more dreamy. Talk to your photographer about what will look best and give a magical touch to your photos with different colours.

Pre-wedding shoots are supposed to be fun. Do not fret too much over technical details or perfect expressions. Enjoy this experience with your partner. And let your photographer worry about the technical details.

And if you are looking for the best one in Allahabad, check out PickYouPic. They take the responsibility off your hand to make the pre-wedding shoot a pleasant experience for you and your partner!


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