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8 Best Wedding Photography Trends In 2022

A wedding is a beautiful ceremony where two people just become each other’s better half for the rest of their lives. A wedding is not just a ritual, it’s a festival of two people, where they both are united in marriage.

A wedding is a very big event for both bride and groom and their families. There are many kinds of rituals in our Indian weddings, like Haldi, Mehandi, Sangeet and many more where the two families stay and celebrate the occasion. Because this is a very precious occasion we all want to capture each and every moment so we can later enjoy them in leisure.

Nowadays, photographers are trying many new trends of capturing precious moments in a more stylish and fashionable manner so that photos may look classy and royal. As brides and grooms emerge from the covid-19 pandemic, pre-wedding and wedding shoots have grown in popularity, to make more time for family and friends. Wedding photos are one of the most important aspects of the whole event. They are the memories that will last forever, ones that the bride and groom and the family will go back to from time to time and relive this special event of their lives. Let’s just take a look at trends that will be the next hype in 2022.

  • Post with Props: Wedding photos are the most important part of a wedding. So to make them more beautiful, the best photographer in Allahabad suggests using props. They give more fantastic looks to the pictures. Props give very different views to the shots according to the photography theme. Props can be any additional equipment to make a picture more beautiful.

  • Theme Photography: Theme Photography is something like taking shots just according to the event theme. Like in Indian weddings we have different kinds of rituals such as Haldi, Mehandi. So in the theme photoshoot, the wedding photographers in Allahabad just set everything according to that particular occasion. The bride and the groom and their families dress up themselves according to the theme.

  • Candid Photography: Candid Photography is the most trendy one because they literally look natural and beautiful. The best wedding photographers in Allahabad just take random pictures without any predefined pose and without the subject's knowledge. Photographers take thousands of pictures in different types of defined and special poses but the beauty of candid photographs is unbeatable.

  • Drone Photography: Drone photography is becoming very popular in Indian weddings because it’s not so easy to capture everyone’s presence and maybe special guests can be missed out. Pictures that are taken by drones look more exclusive and high-toned. Drone helps to take pictures in different locations that normal photographers can’t reach and so this is also one reason that drone photography is becoming more trendy.

  • Bollywood Style: As we live in India and we are discussing Indian weddings, how can we forget our Bollywood. We all know that in Bollywood movies weddings are shown like a festival. Weddings are seen in every second movie. So, wedding photographers in Allahabad also got inspired and they started a new trend in wedding photography, that is Bollywood Style. Photographers use different Cinematic styles and angles to make the best marriage photoshoot.

  • Some of the most used Bollywood Themes include:-

    • Story Narration Theme:- Story narration is like normally we narrate stories, but like it's a wedding so the stories of the bride’s and the groom's earlier life are narrated in a more trendy and stylish way.

    • Rain Theme:- Rain Theme is very trendy to use at weddings. In Bollywood, rain is a very special theme. There are many popular songs pictured in the rain. In the same way, the bride and groom take different poses in the rain and the pretty shots are prisoned. To make it more natural, props like umbrellas are used. Rain Dance is becoming very trendy these days.

    • Festival Theme:- It is a great way for couples who wish to relive festivals. There are many Indian festivals to choose from such as Diwali, Holi or Eid. Props like color bombs and rakers can be used to make it look like a Bollywood scene.

    • Bollywood Movie Poster Theme:- The couple gets dressed like their favorite actor or actress and the photos are clicked the same as any of their favorite movie posters.

  • The Queen and the King Pose: In a wedding, the most important part is the Bride and Groom, which means our Queen and King and capturing their special love moments is the mandatory work. Every girl dresses herself like a queen at her wedding day, and it’s true that she gets her king on that day. For the king also it is a very special day as he gets his dream girl.

  • Ashirwad Ceremony: Ashirwad Ceremony is the most important thing in a traditional Indian wedding. Before starting a new life the newlyweds collect the blessings from elders. It looks very beautiful when the oldies give their precious and uncountable blessing to the couple. Beautiful ashirwad receiving functions are captured in shots.

  • Family Time: Wedding is not just about the bride and groom, it’s also about their families since the two souls are tied in a knot from that day to forever and their families too are tied up for a lifetime. It’s so important to have family photographs so that we can keep a memory of each and every individual. Wedding Photographers in Prayagraj capture these sweet and memorable moments with their cameras.

Conclusion:- Weddings are a very special occasion in every individual's life and because of that, this photography trend to take pictures at weddings has come into practice. In earlier times wedding photo sessions were not in use. Slowly and slowly it has come into fashion and now in 2022, it has become a trend to take the best trendy photographs. Photographs play a very important role to capture all our precious moments. Everyday photographers are introducing new styles of photography and therefore some new trends have been discussed in this blog that may hype in 2022.


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