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8 Mesmerizing Bridal Entry Ideas ~ Recommended By Best Wedding Photographers In Allahabad

Nervous about your bridal entry? Looking for ideas to make it dreamy and mesmerizing? Confused with all the different ideas bombarded your way?

Worry not!

Here we are recommending 8 happening bridal entry ideas suggested by the best wedding photographers in Allahabad that will surely bedazzle all the guests:

1. Floral Shade

This one has been done a thousand times and still, it never goes out of style. The reason behind the popularity of the Floral Shade or Phoolon ki Chaddar entry is how gorgeous it looks. And it fits really well with our Indian traditions and cultures. Brides since ancient times have been entering the court with a silk sheet over their heads to protect them from grazing evil eyes and buri nazar.

You can replace the flower sheet with an embroidered dupatta or red colour chunni. No matter what type of sheet you use, the ultimate result remains beautiful. Although red is the classic choice amongst brides, you can colour coordinate the sheet with your lehenga too.

2. Dancing Down The Aisle

Indian weddings and peppy dance numbers go hand-in-hand. For that matter, no function in our culture wraps up without a few performances from our drunk uncles and gifted cousins. You can liven up your bridal entry by dancing your way through the aisle if this is something of your interest.

This is your wedding, your day! You deserve to radiate like a bright sun on a sunny day. Ditch the old "din shagna da". Pick your favourite happening party song for the bridal entry. Show off some moves and express all your happiness by dancing while moving on the way to the stage. Your wedding photographer too will get some shots of you grooving in the gorgeous lehenga for the wedding album.

3. Gorgeous Palki

This indeed would be a royal entry for a royal bride! And it is fun too if you give the job of carrying it to your siblings, favourite cousins and friends. You all would surely be sharing inside jokes laughing at the moment and this happiness can be beautifully captured by your wedding photographer in Allahabad.

There are so many options available for decorating the palki. You can get it adorned with colours that contrast with your lehenga. Or you can match it with the decorations of the venue. So explore the catalogue and discuss possible alternatives with your decorator or wedding planner to get the Palki of your dreams.

4. Flower Shower

If you want to do something different than the common phoolon ki chadar, then walking down the aisle with flower petals being showered upon you would be a charming alternative. The beauty of the flowers is that they make everything look regal. You will feel like a queen walking gracefully towards her beloved while petals in the form of blessings are being sent her way.

You can choose flowers based on the colour of your outfit. Pink and red roses, and yellow marigolds are usually the popular choice amongst the brides because they look beautiful on camera.

5. Entry In A Boat

We live in Prayagraj, the land of rivers. So how about a wedding at the scenic location of Sangam where you enter in a boat? The advantage of having access to a natural river body is that you can either hire a small boat or a large boat as per your requirements. If you want to enter the aisle with a focus just on you and the beauty of Sangam, you can hire a small boat.

On the other hand, if you want to enter the venue with your family by your side, hire a large boat that could carry the load of a few people. Stand on the front of the boat holding your veil in hand to get the best marriage photoshoot. You can also use the swimming pool of the hotel or a pond for this entry. Just remember that this entry would require your entire venue to be located alongside a river body. So plan accordingly!

6. With Nieces and Nephews

Up the cuteness level of your bridal entry by walking down the aisle with your adorable nieces and nephews. Children have the aura and energy for exuberating any function. So everyone at the venue will naturally go "awwww" when you enter the stage holding the hands of your niece or nephew.

Your niece can also be your flower girl leading the way for you on the aisle. You can also arrange placards like "Here comes the bride" that kids can hold as you walk towards the stage. You can dress them in matching traditional wear and get a photoshoot done by hiring one of the best wedding photographers in Allahabad. However, kids can be fuzzy at times. If this bridal entry idea interests you, make sure that they are in a happy mood and old enough to be ready for the task.

7. Fireworks

No bride can deny the charm of entering the venue with fireworks sizzling alongside her. Whether it's a cold pyro tunnel, lighting firepots or pencil crackers, all of these will lighten up the venue and add dazzle to your bridal entry.

Fireworks are, anyways, an important part of celebrations in Indian culture. They are lit when the Baarat arrives and the groom enters the venue. If you too love the colours and crackle of fireworks, use it for bridal entry and soak in all the attention from the crowd. They look mesmerizing in pictures too. Your wedding album would definitely be a sight to behold if you do the bridal entry with fireworks.

8. With Family

A wedding is a big day for a bride. A mix of nervousness and happiness might seep into you and make you anxious. That's why you have a family to support you and calm you down. Walk the aisle hand-in-hand with your father, mother, best friend and siblings. It might not be as happening as fireworks but it surely would be more personal and equally beautiful.

And who knows when the wedding photographers get to capture an emotional moment between you and your family while they are walking you down the aisle.

So now you know all the perks of the 8 best bridal entry ideas. Pick one as per your comfort and rock that lehenga while entering the venue!

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