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9 Prompts To Make Your Engagement Photoshoot More Interesting

Well well, finally you have it, the date on which you get to put a ring on the fingers of the person you love. This day called "The Engagement Day" is as grand as the wedding itself, especially in Indian culture. So obviously it is going to be memorable! And the best way to make its memories last forever is to get them captured in the lens of the best photographer in Allahabad for an engagement shoot.

Here we are sharing 9 poses to make your engagement shoot more unique and interesting:

  1. Holding Hands

Imagine you and your partner holding hands and looking romantically at each other. Now imagine this magical moment in the photograph! Looks amazing right? You can also get shots of you both strolling in the engagement venue with hands clasped, twirling a little holding hand and looking into each other's eyes with fingers entwined.

  1. Touching Foreheads

An intimate click of you and your partner touching each other's forehead is what you need to complete your engagement album. You could be laughing at a private joke, looking lovingly at each other or giving side looks. All of these expressions fit well with forehead-to-forehead shots.

Look for one of the best photographers in Allahabad for an engagement shoot who could guide you on how to make this pose appear more authentic and romantic. Another alternative for forehead-to-forehead clicks is nose-to-nose portraits. Close-up shots of you and your partner enjoying each other's embrace in these poses look very aesthetically pleasing.

  1. Closeup of Wedding Rings

"If you like it, you should put a ring on it" is true for engagement pictures too! Engagement is all about exchanging rings and committing to your partner for life. Rings symbolize eternal love and allegiance. So they definitely deserve a separate picture entirely focused on them. Ask your engagement photographer to click ring pictures while they are in the holder.

You can also decorate the utensil on which rings are kept using flowers and then get their pictures clicked. A close-up shot of you and your partner holding hands with the rings visible on the ring finger would also be a good idea. And obviously, the engagement album would be incomplete without a shot of you both putting rings on each other's fingers!

  1. One With The Family

Families are a big part of Indian weddings. It is our tradition and culture to take the blessings of elders before entering into the new phase of life. So why not capture these moments for your engagement album! Options are many like you and your partner taking blessings from each other's parents, the bride's mom getting her ready for the engagement, some playful moments with siblings and whatnot.

The trick here is to be authentic and not do something just for the lens. Discuss the possibilities with your engagement photographer and get a couple of shots filled with family love and laughter.

  1. Front to Back Pose

This is a simple yet intimate pose that will tweak your engagement pictures with love and admiration. The partner with a shorter height should stand in front and the other one should wrap his arms around the one standing in front. If you both are of the same height, you can use stairs to create the height difference since this pose looks best when the person in front is of a shorter height.

You can create many pictures using this simple pose. Best photographers in Allahabad for engagement shoot use different camera angles, photography tricks, lens adjustment, careful editing and more on this pretty easy front to back pose to click beautiful still portraits.

  1. Embracing The Hug

A hug is the most natural way of expressing love. And that's why you must have at least one shot of you hugging your partner on the engagement day. But don't keep it simple. There are so many ideas to make this easy pose interesting. You both can be shot while running towards each other for a hug, gently embracing each other while hugging, looking intensely at one another at the moment, or the groom can lift the bride and hug her.

Ideas are many but they only come out perfectly on camera when executed right. This depends a lot upon the photographer you are hiring in Allahabad. PickYouPic is one such photography brand that has worked with many couples and has experience in making your simple pre-wedding shots look beautiful and romantic.

  1. Play With The Background

In Indian culture, the venue and stage for the engagement ritual are lavishly decorated. You must also have hired a decorator to get the venue of your dreams. Well then use it for your engagement pictures. This is where you will need expertise from one of the best photographers in Allahabad.

Experienced photographers know how to use the venue as a prop and click gorgeous engagement pictures. Whether it is a blurred photo of you and your partner holding hands highlighting just the rings and flowers in the background or including decorations as the main element in your entry, all these enhance the beauty of shots even more.

  1. Share A Meal

All Indian functions are incomplete without delicious multi-cuisine food. It is one thing that everyone looks forward to with equal enthusiasm. Here's an idea! How about including food in your engagement album? Seems fun right!

And why shouldn't you? You have a plate full of aesthetic looking delicious food. You have a photographer and you and your partner are dressed the best. Combine all of these and there you have a cute picture of you both feeding each other those yummy sweets or spicy starters.

  1. Next To Each Other

This is quite a natural pose and doesn't require much creativity. But hey, you gotta have one of these too for the album cover. Here you and your partner will be standing next to each other shoulder to shoulder. You both can look at each or look at the camera. Holding hands would also be a good idea. Just relish the feeling that soon you both will be married and how it will feel to share your life with the one you love.

Engagement photoshoots don't need to be as elaborate as the wedding itself. So don't stress too much over it. Just be yourself and have fun. And don't forget to hire one of the best photographers in Allahabad for an engagement shoot who can capture beautiful portraits!

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