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How to Choose Photos for Wedding Album ~ 11 Efficient Tips Recommended by Best Wedding Photographers

The wedding might be over and you may be packing for your honeymoon. BUT there’s still one huge task left to do - choosing pictures for the wedding album. With so many options and so many great pictures, the process may seem daunting at first. However, if you follow these 11 tips recommended by some of the best wedding photographers in Prayagraj, you will be able to create a beautiful and mesmerizing wedding album:

1. An Album That Narrates a Story of Your Big Day:

All the pictures of your wedding should be such that show the highlights of your wedding. These pictures should be arranged in such a sequence that tells the perfect story of your wedding day. You may want your album to have a blend of photographs covering all the aspects of your wedding, such as getting ready images, portraits, family, wedding parties, group shots, first dance, etc. There are so many best wedding photographers that are experts in creating such an album.

2. Avoid Adding Too Many Pictures:

You may want to add most of the pictures clicked by the best wedding photographers in Allahabad. However, that would mess up the whole album. You need to avoid cluttering your album. A perfect album is one that tells your story in a balanced and subtle way.

3. Choose the Best Photographs:

You will have thousands of pictures of your wedding. But not every picture can be in the album. Your album should have the best images to be perfect. That is why you need to choose the best pictures out of all. You can do that by leaving all blurred, similar-looking replicas, and not-so-great candid shots. In this way, you will have better pictures to choose from and add to your album.

4. Give Your Wedding Pictures a Room to Breathe:

The more photos you try to add to your album, the smaller they will have to be and the whole placement and design of the album will look like a mess. If you have fewer images, the bigger and clearer they can be, and the more impact they will make when someone opens the album. The best wedding photographers in Allahabad help your photos to be displayed in the right way and designed in the album.

5. Choose Photo For the Cover:

Keep the best pictures reserved for the front and back cover of your wedding album. If you want to give a classic look to the album then you can use black and white pictures for the cover. If you are confused about the image for the cover then choose images showing the starting and end of your wedding day. For the front cover, you can choose a picture that shows the beginning of your wedding rituals. For the back cover, you can choose something that finishes the story of your big days such as guests waving goodbye or you and your partner leaving the venue in a car.

6. Focus on Most Important:

When choosing the photos for the album, adding everyone’s picture is not necessary. Your album should be about you, your partner and people close to you both. Therefore, you need to focus on those images that have close family members and friends. You must not create your album under any pressure or someone’s influence. Afterall wedding album is all about relieving the most important day of your life. So it should be a reminder of all the best things about your wedding.

7. Arrange Your Pictures In the Right Order:

The sequence of your album plays a crucial role to make it the best. Arranging pictures in the correct order might be an excruciating task and may take some time. Your album should be arranged in a way that shows the natural flow of your wedding story. Do not stuff pictures randomly in the album because that would look unorganized. Disordered albums make it difficult for you and viewers of your album to develop interest or connection.

The best way to arrange is by not mixing up all your wedding events on the same page. For example, you can not put your getting-ready pictures on the same page as guests arriving for the wedding rituals or ceremonies. Arrange your album in a chronological sequence. And when you hire one of the best wedding photographers in Prayagraj, they do this job for you.

8. Focus on Quality, Not Quantity:

Include pictures in your album that you loved the most. Don’t make your album bulkier by adding more and more pictures that are not even connected with your wedding story.

9. Choose A Variety of Sizes And Positions:

Your pictures in the album do not have to be of the same size and design. In fact, your album will look more beautiful when you add a different variety of sizes and positions. This adds visual appeal and helps to draw attention to certain special moments of your big day. Some pictures such as yours and your partner’s entry are required to be big and demand a full-page spread. You can choose different page layouts and you can also place different pictures on the same page as long as it fits in a proper and natural flow.

10.Give Attention to the Details:

The smallest moment can express the connection and trigger the biggest emotion. That is why do not forget to include the pictures of the tiny details such as a ring being placed on a finger, putting sindoor, or holding hands while taking “feras” around the sacred fire. You can use the close-ups of these moments as the background of your album. Hence you should hire the best wedding photographer in Allahabad who can capture all your little but magical shots.

11. Ensure Guests’ Pictures Are Perfect:

While choosing images of your guests, ensure that in every such picture, your guests are happy. Don’t include such pictures in which some of the guests are smiling and some others are not even looking at the camera. Along with that keep in mind not to fill up the whole album with the guests' shots. Opt for more photos that include you and your partner.

Choosing pictures for the wedding album will require a lot of work and patience. Don’t be in a hurry, take your time, pick the best shots and use them to narrate the story of your big day in the album.

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