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Top 20 Engagement Dresses For The Groom

Updated: May 21, 2022

It’s always a big point of discussion what someone should choose to wear on their special day.

Either it’s the wedding day, engagement day, or any festival. In today’s fashionable era designers are trying to make different kinds of outfits that can be chosen differently on every other occasion. Let's have a look at the top 20 Engagement Dresses For the Grooms

Engagement is a special occasion in anyone’s life. It’s the day when a new journey starts. There are many things to do on their special day for every couple. From choosing the best photographer in Allahabad to dress selection, from decoration to grooming, everything is essential. A small thing can’t be missed.

Let’s come to the dresses. Brides take too many days to select their dresses, what to wear on various occasions, and so on. So as brides, grooms are too important so they should also choose their outfits in the same way. Mainly males are not so choosy. But some are quite fussy. They are very particular about dress selection.

Nowadays it’s quite common to wear the same colour and same pattern dresses. The bride and Groom select the same colour or pattern for their special day outfits. Let’s discuss what are the different styles of dresses that grooms can choose for their engagement day.

Embrace Pattern

When you want to send the impression that you made an effort to dress up for your engagement party, choose something incredibly different. Choose patterned kurtas or patterned jackets in odd or intriguing patterns.

Asymmetrical Kurta With A Rajwadi Koti:

A well-fitting Rajwadi Kurta suit exudes sophistication. We have the perfect clothing for all the North Indian men out there. This is a royal attire that will enhance your features and ensure that you leave a lasting impression with this stunning Rajwadi engagement gown!

Indo-Western Sherwani For Indian Groom Brocade Bliss:

As it’s your engagement, but you don’t want to wear something ethnic or something totally western, so some fashionable Indo-western sherwanis with zari embroidered Brocade are the way to go.

It's a good mix of the two sorts of apparel. This style of attire, in my opinion, is stylish yet has an ethnic flavour to it.

Traditional Kurta Pajama:

Traditional Kurta-pajama combinations are always a good choice. They'd be perfect for a traditional engagement party. Dress it up or down with a waistcoat and a dark-colored vest. Try Kurta Pajamas in cotton, which you may simply wear to your summer engagement party, and choose the best engagement photographers in Allahabad to make your day more happening.

Nehru Jackets in Style:

Keep those thick ethnic jackets for the big day. Wear a Nehru Jacket to your engagement celebration. It's sophisticated, classic, ageless, and always flattering.

Mughal Influenced Outfits:

The Mughal-inspired Kurta, also known as the Indian padded gown, has made a resurgence in popular Indian design. With a flared kurta topping it and a contrasting long jacket in various cuts over it, the silhouette is typically Mughal.

Trend Arrest- Ombre Outfits:

If you want to be the best-dressed person in the room, choose an outfit that has everyone talking - Ombre Suits! The gradual transition from a light to a dark colour has become a common characteristic. Undoubtedly it will make you the centre of attraction.

Cowl Kurtas:

If you're one of those unusually trendy grooms, the most fashionable kurta of them all, the Cowl kurta, is for you! This oh-so-contemporary trendy kurta has an asymmetric cowl kind of draped tunic at the front and goes well with churidar pants. It looks really lovely on men and is the best choice for men's engagement attire!

The Midas Touch:

With this one, the gold-hued clothing, the groom's attire for the engagement party outfit gets better! You guys are about to steal the show with this one! Wear a gold-colored patterned jacket over a Safari suit or choose a jacket in a gold tone to make everyone envious of your sense of style. The finest colour combination with gold is black or red pants. You can even go for a more glamorous look by wearing a sherwani in gold!

The Angrakha Style:

The Angrakha style is a combination of Rajasthani and Mughal artistry and looks gorgeous! This sort of traditional clothing is highly versatile for men's engagement wear because of its distinctiveness!

Pink Power:

Keep your safe looks for your wedding day and try to have some fun with your engagement outfit! Try wearing a pink outfit; a few hues of pink look amazing on men and also gives them a sense of confidence and ease. I'm confident that this delicate yet adventurous look will steal the show. For a pre-wedding celebration or an engagement party, pink attire is ideal!


If your engagement has no dress code, which means you can get all dressed up according to you then a sequinned Royal Sherwani is a great option! Though many of you may object to sequins having a feminine connotation. I believe it is all in how you wear them and what you pair them with. Sequin sherwanis or clothes with a hint of sequins, in my opinion, are highly fashionable and make guys look dazzling.


Because they are made of heavy materials and feature collars, Bandhgalas have a regal aspect about them. They're a terrific way to make a statement and one of the most popular choices for men's engagement apparel in India! For a festive formal look, pair them with trousers or Jodhpuri Pants.

Stylish Indo-Western Fusion Outfit:

An Indo-western fusion outfit is created by combining Indian and western fashion components and adding smart tailoring. They not only look stylish but classy also.

Pants in the Dhoti Style:

Dhotis come in a variety of designs and styles, and the fashion market is swamped with them. It’s quite ethnic and traditional as it's being wired in our Indian festivals and rituals. So to make yourself traditional but stylish too, try them.

Long Ethnic Jackets with Grace:

A stunning long ethnic jacket is the one item that may transform your outfit from basic to Ballin.

Floor-length Sherwanis- Men's Fairytale Engagement Wear:

Wear a floor-length Mughal-inspired sherwani with a gorgeous long jacket to stay one step ahead on your elegant traditional engagement and choose the best photographer in Allahabad for the Engagement shoot. You'll be the centre of attention for the entire night.

White it all up:

If you're the type of groom who likes to keep things simple and casual, opt for an all-white kurta-pajama with an off-white Nehru Jacket!

Kurta with Straight Cut and Slim Fit Pants:

Kurtas, which are very traditional Muslim dresses, are back in style, and you can never look awful or crass in one. Sophisticated with a dash of simplicity to make you look like a perfectionist!

Black Beauty:

Save your whites for another day, fellas, because 'black' is the new must-have colour. We all adore the colour black! You can never go wrong with black, and you can appear like a million bucks wearing it from head to toe. It's elegant, classic, and always flattering. All-black outfits are expected to be quite trendy in Engagement wear for guys in India.


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