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We're majorly Heart-ing this Breezy Pre-Wedding Shoot in Lucknow

All the bustle around weddings boils down essentially to creating memories that last a lifetime.

Pre-wedding shoots are raging big time and rightly so, we've witnessed interesting pre-wedding shoots for foodie couples and for fitness fanatics.

These shoots have become such a hit among couples because of the experience it lets you live—casual, intimate and cherishable.

The pre-wedding shoot of Anjali & Vikrant amidst the Lucknow, streets that is truly a refreshing sight! It truly speaks the tale of their beautiful chemistry and comfort.

Captured by the very talented lensman, Sufi Azam Khan from Beginnings For You, we're sure this shoot will make you want to tie your baggage bands and fly down

to this high-on-serenity destination, Lucknow.

The shoot took place in multiple places at Lucknow, Bada Imambara & Gulf City that made for a romantic setting, perfect for the couple let their guards down and open

their hearts for the camera. They shot a couple of fiery pictures with the majestic skyscrapers of the lights, making it oh-so-classy!

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